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Using the Ethereum Network to Secure Tangible Assets

Ethereum is so much more than a crypto-currency. It’s a platform for the next generation of apps that will make use of public, trustless data and digital assets. Crypto currency is just the first app that runs on the Network. The amount of apps and programs that will make use of the Ethereum Network is set to grow exponentially in 2018 and beyond. But in the meantime, it’s hard to find concrete examples of how this tech can be used in clever ways. That’s why I love this here CS paper. The author describes some ways that the Ethereum Network can be used to help actual brick-and-mortar business.

Specifically, the writer discusses how a frozen goods supplier can add accountability to the delivery process. This is done by equipping a cooler with temperature sensors. The sensors vote at intervals to verify that they are working and haven’t been tampered with. Then the sensors record the temperature of the cooler to the blockchain. Using such a system, both the buyer and supplier have access to the same public, trustless data.

Did you know that the Ethereum Network can be used to better secure and monitor tangible assets? It’s true. That’s because data submitted to the blockchain is immutable. It cannot be changed. We can trust that the data is as it always was. Right now Developers and engineers are working on systems that will bring in a new generation of accountability. These applications are not quite ready for business and consumers yet. Soon though, the Ethereum Network will be powerful enough to handle the world’s data.

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