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Contributors couldn’t exist without the valuable contributions from the following writers and editors. Yes, I am aware that I am the only writer and editor at this time, but much like the Ethereum Network, I intend for this website to grow. So, in the future I hope to have a long list of accomplished contributors to display on this page.

By the way, you seem like somebody who might be interested in contributing. is paying for quality, original journalism and content on Ethereum and blockchain related technologies. Shoot me an email. Tell me what you want to write about and show me some samples. Let’s work something out!

Donald E. Morton

Don is a former CPS school teacher and current Internet publisher and web developer. Don began buying and mining during the great cryptorush of 2013. He mined for Dogecoin in 2014. Many of those coins are still trapped on a reformatted, now-disposed-of, Samsung Galaxy S2.

Warning: Investing in cryptocurrency is risky. The above is just one person�s opinion. That person could be totally wrong and has been many times before. Invest only what you can afford to lose and do not add peril to your life by investing too much.

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Get emails about new stuff. Be the first to know.

Get emails about new stuff.
Don't worry. I hate spam too.

Get emails about new stuff. Don't worry. We hate spam too.